Preparatory meeting in Santander

Report: First Meeting in Spain – 05.- 08.10.17 

  • Erasmus day: 13th October

It’s possible to make a video of each school with the students??? – text is better than a video, written by teachers, when the subject doesn’t exist now

They can present themselves and show the map with the countries, which participate to the project.

  • results will be sent until 12th October to Lisa
  • everybody sends a picture or a flyer of the school
  • websites adresses of all schools
  • Video we can prepare for later: learning activity in Germany, save on the USB Stick. So the students can present their schools, when they meet first

Timetable: Implementation all dates

Meeting in February in Germany: (learning activities)

Arrival on the 18th  February

19th February to 23th February (5 days)

Departure on the 24th February

2 teachers + 6 students à WE CHANGED!

Accommodation: in the same house (teachers + students) without the Italian team (! Germans ask for the possibilities of an own bathroom for the italian rooms !), otherwise they prefer to spend the night in a hotel.


  • every pupils presents their school
  • results of the questionaire Germany sends to all countries as soon as possible (topic: packaging)

Meeting in May in Italy: (transnational meeting)

Arrival on the 9th [before 9:00 pm because the last bus from the airport to the city go at 9:00 pm]

10th May to 12th May (3 days) Working day on the 11th

Departure on the 12th May

2 teachers + 2 students

Accommodation: B&B (Italy books for each country and make the bill with the name of each school)

all countries have to book their flights as soon as possible, after we can see how much money we have to create the trip in Messina

For the flights, you need to know the names of all participants (pupils!!!)

 Meeting in October 2018 in France: (learning activities)

Arrival on the 7th October

8th October to 12th October (5 days)

Departure on the 13th October

2 teachers + 6 students à WE CHANGED!

Accommodation: small cottages in a campsite next to the high school. 10 min walk.

teachers and Italians get a cottage, all other pupils hosts in families

Meeting in November 2018 in Spain: (transnational meeting)

Arrival on the 21th November

22th October to 23th November (5 days)

Departure on the 24th

2 teachers + 2 students

Accommodation: looking for Host families for 6 students (FR, PO, GER), Italians and teachers in a Hostel: Hosteria Santander

Meeting in March- April 2019 in Poland: (transnational meeting)

Arrival on the

Departure on the

2 teachers + 2 students

Accommodation: Students by host families and teachers in the hotel, but not the Italian. THey need a hotel

Aldona knows a cheap hotel close to the school

Last meeting in May in Germany:

During the last week of May?

we have to discuss the possibility to host in German teachers families to save money for the learning activity in France

  • Criteria to involve pupils in the project:

 – Very good level in English

– Autonomous students

– They have to take part to the project, to prepare presentations for the learning activities


  • Website: for the 6th November 2017:

– website is created by Judith’s brother

– Each country have to present the school on the website in 100 words.

– Timetable

– Newsline

– chat

– Lisa coordinate the webpage and upload all results


  • Logo of the project: for the 1st December 2017:

The students of each country create some logos and they have to choose one logo for the contest.

The logo will be uploaded on the website.

10 students + 1 teacher + the headmaster in each country have to choose the best logo.

compusary of the Logo:

  • name of the project „Supermeal“
  • EU Logo in it
  • Year 2017-19
  • all countries have to be involved

Then, we can create T-shirts with this logo for each participants or lunchboxes (Italians are not sure, if pupils use lunchboxes) or USB sticks or a cotton bag.

We need certificate of each meeting.

  •  The countries bring the certificates they need by themself!


what’s app group

official E-mail list

  •  all important Information will be sent by Email!



  • each country plans as early as possible what they want to do in the meetings and the learning activities:

Germany: Packaging

Italy: Globalization

France: good analyses

Spain: food sharing against hunger

Poland: food waste

  • the pupils has to be prepared for every mobility, for example the questionaire in Germany